Episode 11: The Tau Supremacy ft. Robbie aka TauZedong

We’re joined by Robbie aka TauZedong and the little red book of the Greater Good this week, as we talk Tau Empire, 40K’s favourite whipping boys. Plus, recommendations on how to get started with the grimdark setting’s objectively most communist fishpeople.

Episode 10: Age of Suckmar vs Chudhammer 40Lame

The original good boys get rowdy this week, as Alex and Sam fight over Danny’s affections. Sorry, that should read fight over whether AoS or 40K should get Danny’s affections.

Also we talk the week’s new releases, punish Sam for paintfails, and introduce listeners to one of the OG Old World’s greatest heroes.

Episode 9: Emoji For Your Ears

It’s back to your fabulous original lineup this week, as we talk chuds in the FLGS, answer your questions and get confused about what an emoji is. Also introducing the world’s premiere 40k quiz.

GW Faction Name Generator

Enter your surname and date of birth to generate a custom GW faction name. Last Name Date of Birth   If you liked this, check out the Sigmarxism podcast. Don’t …

Episode 6: Thanquol Shrugged ft. John Michek AKA LeonGrotsky

This week, your boys are joined by John (LeonGrotsky), long time subreddit poster and Discord mod to discover why the Skaven are big fans of Juan Posadas and the Fourth International, how to build socialism with ratty characteristics and why Ayn Rand is great prose actually, shut up you commie weaklings.

Episode 5: Tactical Dreadnought Wonks ft. Riley Quinn

This week, the crew are joined by Riley Quinn from the Trashfuture podcast to discuss chudly goings-on in the Imperium, why Megan McArdle should be given Terminator armour and just why we might be living under the boot of Games Workshop, but we’re looking up at the stars. Also the stars are communism or something.

Episode 3: Never Bring a Gun to an Anime Fight

The pod is haunted by the spectre of a failson this week, as Danny fills us in on his favourite malignant tumour in the Magic community. Laugh! As YouTubers pull guns on random guys in alleyways. Marvel! At a man turning into a corncob before our eyes! Despair! As you remember we all have to live in this world. There’s also some new toys from Warhammer Fest, if you like that sort of thing.