Episode 8: Bad Daddy Chronicles pt. 2 – False Gods ft. Gareth Watkins

This week the lads are joined by Gareth from the excellent DEATH SENTENCE podcast to talk through the second book in the Horus Heresy series, Graham McNeil’s False Gods. It’s non-stop critical engagement time folks, so strap on your lore bootees and climb aboard the feels before reals train.

*SPOILER WARNING*: You better believe we’re spoiling this garbage book. Ah damn, that’s a spoiler for the pod. Spoilerception.

Turning heel this week: Sam, Danny, Alex and Gareth (@deathsentencepc)

Produced by Rich (@badbonobo)

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Intro: World of Sound by Piotr Pawłowski from Light Sweepr – Wave Vessel
Outro: World Eater from Realms of Chaos by Bolt Thrower

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