Episode 5: Tactical Dreadnought Wonks ft. Riley Quinn

This week, the crew are joined by Riley Quinn from the Trashfuture podcast to discuss chudly goings-on in the Imperium, why Megan McArdle should be given Terminator armour and just why we might be living under the boot of Games Workshop, but we’re looking up at the stars. Also the stars are communism or something.

Walking into Commorragh this week: Sam, Danny, Alex and Riley (@raaleh)

Produced by Rich (@badbonobo)

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Intro: World of Sound by Piotr Pawłowski from Light Sweepr – Wave Vessel
Outro: I Dunno by Grapes

1 thought on “Episode 5: Tactical Dreadnought Wonks ft. Riley Quinn

  1. Alexander Turnbull Reply

    Clearly Roboute Guilliman IS the dem primarch because he is a process obsessed lanyard

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