Episode 4: The Bad Daddy Chronicles pt. 1 – Horus Rising

This week we’re delving into the back story of the galaxy’s first Absolute Unit, and deciding just whom amongst the Emperor’s glorious legions most enjoys the taste of boot. That’s right, it’s the surprisingly good first entry in the interminable Horus Heresy series, Dan Abnett’s Horus Rising.

*SPOILER WARNING*: Yes, we’re going to be talking what happens in the 13 year old book what we are reviewing. I’m terribly sorry for your pain.

Getting merked by giant space spiders this week: Sam, Danny and Alex

Produced by Rich (@badbonobo)

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Intro: World of Sound by Piotr Pawłowski from Light Sweepr – Wave Vessel
Outro: I Dunno by Grapes

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