A podcast about Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and all manner of tabletop and wargames from a leftist perspective.

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Episode 7: Spooky Vampire Capitalism ft. Jon Greenaway AKA TheLitCritGuy

This week we’re going full occult with Jon Greenaway also known as TheLitCritGuy, host of the Horror Vangaurd podcast. It’s all spooky all the time, examining the creeps and ghouls of the Flesh Eater Courts, the secret revolutionary heart of horror and the not-so-secret monster at the heart of capital.

Lurking in the basement this week: Alex, Sam and Jon

Produced by Rich (@badbonobo)

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Intro: World of Sound by Piotr Pawłowski from Light Sweepr – Wave Vessel
Outro: I Dunno by Grapes

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Episode 6: Thanquol Shrugged ft. John Michek AKA LeonGrotsky

This week, your boys are joined by John (LeonGrotsky), long time subreddit poster and Discord mod to discover why the Skaven are big fans of Juan Posadas and the Fourth International, how to build socialism with ratty characteristics and why Ayn Rand is great prose actually, shut up you commie weaklings.

Episode 5: Tactical Dreadnought Wonks ft. Riley Quinn

This week, the crew are joined by Riley Quinn from the Trashfuture podcast to discuss chudly goings-on in the Imperium, why Megan McArdle should be given Terminator armour and just why we might be living under the boot of Games Workshop, but we’re looking up at the stars. Also the stars are communism or something.

Episode 3: Never Bring a Gun to an Anime Fight

The pod is haunted by the spectre of a failson this week, as Danny fills us in on his favourite malignant tumour in the Magic community. Laugh! As YouTubers pull guns on random guys in alleyways. Marvel! At a man turning into a corncob before our eyes! Despair! As you remember we all have to live in this world. There’s also some new toys from Warhammer Fest, if you like that sort of thing.

Episode 2: They Eat Grots, You Know

This week we discuss the material basis for Games Workshop’s prosperity: what do we owe to the people working to create our plastic crack? We also fill you in on the hottest game in town: the Ultimate Comrade Competition. Which is best, Antifa tree spirits or Large Adult Ogre Sons? Is it worth getting Genestealer DNA implanted if you can lead a proletarian revolution? Who is the chad to the virgin Orks?